Well-Rotted Horse Manure

£50.00 +Vat

Well-Rotted Horse Manure

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£50.00 +Vat

Our 100% Organic Horse Manure is aged for at least 18 months on our own farm, and turned over regularly to ensure continuous aeration. This results in a dark, easily workable manure that is fully composted and ready to enhance the nutritional profile of your soil. Of the different varieties of organic fertilizer, Horse Manure is considered one of the best as it contains very high levels of nitrogen, and contains more nutrients than other farmyard manure. This makes it an ideal supplement for plants that require lots of nitrogen to flourish, such as potatoes, lettuce, and of course grass.

For the best results, the manure should be applied at the right time-when the ground isn’t frozen and the weather isn’t too wet. This will allow the nutrients to be properly incorporated into the soil. It should then be spread evenly over the lawn/beds, using a lawn spreader if you have one.

We sell Horse Manure in bulk bags of 1m3 that can be delivered directly to your door, or as loose loads for larger orders.

Deliveries take place Monday to Saturday, usually between 7am to 5pm.

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