Turf in Astley Bridge – Choose Only the Best, Gently Grown for Your Garden

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Turf in Astley Bridge is a common sight in well-kept lawns and grounds.

Turf is another word for closely-shorn grass. It was first seen by wealthy landowners in rural Britain during the 17th century. What was food for livestock slowly turned into well-maintained lawns whose beauty gave one pleasure. Today, there are different types of turf available for the discerning customer. Our landscape supplies merchants are the right people to consult if you plan to lay turf in your garden. We work with top-quality grass-seed. These varieties are suitable for a gorgeous front lawn, punishing football pitch or a professional-level golf green.

Our top sales consultant can take care of the entire process of choosing the right variety. In Astley Bridge, turf laying is not the job for the average DIY enthusiast. You can order products such as lawn seed, pre-turfing fertilizer, lawn feed or even rolls of different lawn types. All this can be done online from the comfort of the home without incurring delivery charges. A lawn is beautiful and one must maintain turf grass by proper watering, mowing, aerating and nutrition. Water has to reach deep down, so be sure to water your lawn to about 2.5 cm height of standing water. Weeding is comparatively easy, as turf grasses are highly competitive and crowd out the weeds. Pest control is important but remember that ants and spiders can get rid of lawn pests too.

Our landscape supplies team that lays turf in Astley Bridge will provide a host of related services. They include removal of garden waste, in bags or truckloads, removal of debris after demolition, porcelain and stone tile cutting services, or excavations. Dumpers, rollers, excavators are on standby. Call Easy Lawn, and we will surely put you on track for healthy, lush lawn turf. Our product range extends to timber decks, paving stones of all kinds, including the much-loved cobble stones, and soil. It makes it worthwhile to get in touch with one of our executives who will take care of all your lawn supplies. We can advise you on the right type of fertilizer and topsoil to use.