Sandstone Paving in Wilmslow is Available for Your Outdoor Space

Rippon Rose Indian Sandstone

Enjoy the benefits of weatherproof landscaping with our sandstone paving in Wilmslow.

Sandstone is a natural stone that can withstand the elements. Sandstone has unique intrinsic patterns that extend deep below its surface. Unlike superficial fabricated paving, sandstone patterns, colours and tones don’t fade away. Instead, erosion enhances the unique patterns sandstone paving holds a secret. As such, your sandstone paving, like wine, will improve as it ages. Natural stone paving provides lasting stability and unparalleled visual appeal. Since no two stones are alike, you and your guests will lavish on the diversity of our sandstone paving blocks.

We are among very few companies in the North West that can supply high-quality sandstone paving consistently. In Wilmslow, our sandstone paving experts can save you money by measuring your space accurately and minimising wastage. We can also save time by delivering the sandstone paving where you desire. By reducing your logistics challenges, we enable you to focus on the more complex aspects of your project. Our paving methods ensure that the sandstone is laid evenly and has a gradual slope that directs rainwater to the drainage system. Accumulation of water on your paving leads to several problems such as instability, staining and weed or algae growth. Proper sandstone paving installation is pleasing to the eye and structurally sound.

We can supply sandstone paving in Wilmslow for domestic, commercial or DIY projects. We supply a unique sandstone variety with natural, tumbled, honed and sawn finishes. Our sandstone collection includes Kandla grey, Raj Green, Raj Blend, and Rippon Rose paving. Contact Easy Lawn today if you need high-quality sandstone paving. Thus, we can guarantee excellent service with minimal delays. We also have high-precision cutting equipment capable of cutting sandstone, porcelain tiles and granite to any shape or size you require. Apart from sandstone paving, we supply decorative stone, quarry products, soil, bark, lawn and turf. Furthermore, we also have plant and machine hire, grab hire, and cutting services.