Sandstone Paving in Westhoughton, for a Beautiful Result

Sandstone Paving in Westhoughton

Are you thinking of installing sandstone paving in Westhoughton?

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For a variety of garden projects in Westhoughton, sandstone paving is a great choice. It has unique natural characteristics, and a dazzling array of colours. Unlike other natural stones, it doesn’t need sealing as it is essentially strong and durable. Being skid-resistant, it’s a good option for patios and decks. You can choose the shade you want from an extensive colour palette – grey, cream, beige, rich brown, rust and more are some of the more popular shades. You will find beautiful darker veins of colour within the stone as well. Sandstone increases in beauty after rains, and the colours become more vivid and vibrant. You will also find subtle glittery bits in the stone that add to its beauty.

It is best to use the services of professionals to install your sandstone paving in Westhoughton. Hence, a sub-base material is necessary to ensure durability and strength. Further, the stones are laid in the desired pattern on a mortar mix. We can give you important tips on the care and maintenance of this lovely stone. Never use harsh chemicals or scrubbers on this stone. Thus, you should brush or sweep it regularly to remove surface debris. You can use a mild solution of bleach and water to remove algae stains and moss. Acid free soap is also a good choice. Contact Easy Lawn for more such important tips. Moreover, our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals is happy to help.