Porcelain Paving Slabs in Westhoughton for a Sophisticated Finish

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Give your home a sophisticated finish with our porcelain paving slabs in Westhoughton.

Walking from your car to your house or office should not be a struggle. Instead of drudging through mud in the wet season or dust in the dry, you can install porcelain paving solutions. Porcelain paving gives you a clear path to your property in any weather. Professional paving installers incorporate solid building and drainage techniques in their methods. While they are similar to floor and wall tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles are more resistant to the elements. Porcelain is a weatherproof material that can withstand excess water, heat, and ice and repel microorganisms such as algae.

The secret behind Porcelain slabs’ strength and durability is in its production process. In Westhoughton, our porcelain paving slabs consist of feldspar, ground sand and very fine clays. The slab mixture is compressed at high pressure and fired to 1200 degrees centigrade to cause vitrification. During vitrification, silica in the sand turns to glass and seals the air pockets in the mixture. The seals reduce the porcelain slab’s water absorption rate to 0.55 or less. This process makes the porcelain slabs dense and compact yet significantly lighter than concrete paving. In effect, porcelain paving slabs are easier to install than most other paving in the market. Porcelain slab designers use digital printing to apply patterns, colours and natural material effects on the paving surface before the final firing process.

Our porcelain paving slabs in Westhoughton are popular because they are visually appealing and have high functional value. These slabs are stronger, denser and more durable than natural stone or concrete paving. These slabs are low maintenance because they are frost-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have smooth glossy surfaces that are easy to clean. Unlike natural stone paving which has unique patterns for every slab, porcelain slabs have very few variations. The slab homogeneity ensures project continuity from batch to batch. Contact Easy Lawn now if you need a porcelain paving slab solution for your property. We are friendly and offer the most competitive prices in the industry.