Porcelain Paving in Bromley Cross for a Beautiful Addition

Porcelain Paving in Bromley Cross

Install porcelain paving in Bromley Cross for a beautiful addition to your garden or patio.

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For homes in Bromley Cross, porcelain paving is one of the hottest new trends in outdoor paving. It currently enjoys huge popularity in British decorative paving. More and more gardens across the country have this paving in natural stone or wood finishes. This tile is made of clay. The finish of the tile is by ink-jet process and exposed to very high temperatures. During this process, the material becomes vitrified (molten), making it exceptionally tough and long lasting. Thus, the tiles are then cut to the required sizes. These tiles have low water absorption qualities, making it ideal for outdoors. Because of their amazing strength, you can use thinner slabs compared to concrete or other stone. Make sure that you buy porcelain tiles that are at least 20mm thick. Thinner tiles may be less expensive but they’re unsuitable for our weather.

Porcelain paving in Bromley Cross are ideal for any kind of look. Thus, they have a subtle sheen and this makes them a great choice for both driveways and patio flooring. In addition, they are also available in wood or stone looks, to add charm to your garden. They are easy to clean and a quick wash with plain water gets them shining clean again. You can get slip resistant options in porcelain paving. Contact Easy Lawn for more information on our products and services. Our expert fitters can install your porcelain paving in the right way, using the right equipment. We’d love to have a free, no-obligation chat with you.