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How do I get rid of my old lawn turf?

Easylawn Turf Supplies understands your needs and requirements when removing your old lawn. Firstly the old lawn turf has to be removed; this usually involves slicing under the existing lawn turf to a depth of about 15mm. This separates the grass from the root system (which is what holds your lawn firmly in place.)

There are two ways this can be done; either by hand with a spade (very hard work and only practical with small lawns up to 10 sqm, or with a petrol driven mechanical lawn turf cutter. This type of machine is easily manouvarable and only around 40 kg in weight.� The machine has a pulsating blade situated at the bottom of the machine which is then lowered (by means of a simple handle) until the required cutting depth is reached. The lawn turf cutter will then self-propel in a forward movement cutting the lawn turf as it goes. Once the entire lawn area has been covered, the old lawn turf can easily be removed by simply�rolling�and�lifting.�Easylawn Turf Supplies are pleased to offer lawn turf cutter hire priced at only �29.99 per day.

Once the lawn turf has been removed you are faced with the task of disposing of the old turf. This usually involves multiple trips to the local tip in the family car or a�skip (very expensive.)

Easylawn Turf Supplies offer a lawn turf disposal service. The old lawn turf can be placed into bulk bags (approx 1 tonne) provided by ourselves. We will then remove with a lorry mounted crane charging �29.99 per bulk bag of garden waste. (Only bags filled are chargeable - empty ones can be returned at no cost.) The bags are usually collected along with the lawn turf cutter when the new turf is delivered.

If the area to be lawned/landscaped is extensive, Easylawn Turf Supplies offers a full site clearance option with excavator hire, provided with experienced licensed operators. Sites can be levelled or graded with all spoil removed from site. Machines range in size from 0.8 tonne mini excavators to larger 15 tonne machines for those larger projects.�Excavator with operator rates start from �240.00 per day.

Once the old lawn turf has been removed, the next step is usually to turn the soil over relieving compaction as this inhibits grass growth and is one of the major causes of thin lawns. The process of turning the soil adds air and helps to break the soil structure down to a finer, more workable consistency. This enables water and nutrients to pass down through the soil where they are taken up by the root greatly improving the overall health and vitality of the lawn grasses.

Once again there are two accepted methods of achieving this. One is to turn the ground over using a spade but again this is very hard work and generally only practical when the area is less than 10 sqm. Alernatively a petrol driven rotovator can be used. These machines are very simple and easy to use with a series of rotating curved blades breaking the compacted soil and leaving a fine tilth ready for raking. They are completely self-propelled and so require minimal effort with the added benefit of leaving a far better finish to the soil than just digging over.�Easylawn Turf Supplies are happy to provide rotovator hire at a cost of only �34.95 per day.

Once the old lawn turf has been removed and the ground rotovated, the next step is to prepare the surface ready to receive the new lawn turf. This involves firstly "treading" the ground to firm the soil. The purpose of this is to remove any softness. If the ground is too soft, the new lawn will sink when walked on resulting in an undulating, difficult to mow lawn. Once the area has been "tread" the next step is to rake the soil level. This is the final step in the preparation and is very important in that the flatter you get the area at this point, the better your new lawn will look. Any humps or bumps left at this stage will initially be covered by the turf but when the lawn roots and is mowed, uneven cutting heights will result in an unsatisfactory look to your lawn.

At this point, the new lawn turf is ready to be installed - one of the key tools to this part of the job are "turfing boards."������������������ These are 8' x 4' plywood sheets that are placed over the newly laid turf spreading your weight as you work and also pushing the new lawn turf firmly into contact with the prepared soil.

Tools required for the laying of the new lawn include:- 1 rake, 1 shovel, 1 turf saw (for cutting the turf), 1 wheelbarrow, 1 brush, turf boards (the number required will depend on the size of the lawn.)


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