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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your rolls of turf?

The turf comes in square metres rolls which are 1640mm (64.6”) long x 610mm (24”) wide with a depth of 25mm. (These measurements are approximate).

Do I need to water my new lawn?

Your new lawn must be watered thoroughly IMMEDIATELY after installation. The amount of water you apply to your new lawn will depend greatly on the weather conditions, but ensure that the turves are kept damp for at least the first couple of weeks after laying.

When should I mow my new lawn?

The first cut should be made after the turf has rooted, but before it gets too long - usually about 3 weeks. The first cut is very important; 5 - 6 cm on the first cut is ideal. If the grass is allowed to grow longer, there is a possibility of the finer grasses dying due to lack of light.

The next mowing should be carried out in quick succession gradually reducing the cutting height until the grass is approx 25mm in height.

Keep your mower in good condition with a sharp blade to ensure a clean cut.

Do I need to fertilise my new lawn?

A pre-turfing fertiliser should have been applied to your soil before the turf was laid, so your new lawn will not need feeding straight away. The first feed should be applied 5 - 6 weeks after installation (spring and summer only)

Why may I see mushrooms in my newly laid turf?

During the turf harvesting process the roots and fibre layer of the turf are cut and begin to be broken down by micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. This is a normal biological process. The fungus which lives in newly laid turf produces characteristic toadstools which are invariably small and brown. They may persist for a few weeks at most, but will then disappear.

Why may I see black patches on my new turf?

In the warmer part of the year, small patches of turf may develop a black sooty material that covers the leaves. This is perfectly normal. If you take a sooty leaf and rub it between two fingers, the soot will come off. You are looking at a harmless sooty mould. It lives on the surface of the grass leaves, and uses the grass only as support. The best way to remove sooty moulds is to mow the grass.

My new lawn was laid only 2 months ago. Why is it looking unhealthy already?

If it was laid over two months ago and you were happy with it during that time then please remember your turf is a living material and will respond to the care you give it.

Your turf was delivered to you in excellent condition and with the proper care it will remain that way. Any problems with the turf will usually manifest themselves within two months of supply, which is why if any quality problem is brought to our attention during this time we will do our utmost to assist in resolving any problem. The lawn will reflect the preparation of the ground prior to laying, the aftercare regime adopted and the general aspects within the garden itself.

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