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Care & Maintenance

Compared to bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, roses and many other popular garden occupants, Enviromat is remarkably easy to care for. The propagation has already been done, there is no need for daily watering and it doesn't need mowing or trimming unless you want a textured ground covering rather than a flowering one.


In general, Enviromat is more likely to be damaged by too much water than too little. Sedum plants hate to have soggy roots. Having said that, Enviromat will tolerate heavy rainfall, as long as it is well drained.

Enviromat will survive for a month or so without being watered. In most cases therefore, the British weather can absolve you of All watering-can duties but, there are situations in which a little extra help is appreciated.

Enviromat in containers is more susceptible to drying out, so keep an eye on the plants. If the foliage takes on a wrinkled or rubbery appearance, then a good watering is in order.

Enviromat on sloping hard surfaces will need extra attention in long dry periods because water tends to drain away quickly when the area is wetted. Laying a water-retentive fleece underneath the Enviromat will help the plants survive in long periods of drought.


Sedum plants are very economical when it comes to fertiliser. A slow release granular fertiliser applied in the spring is really all that is needed. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.


The geo-textile matting that Enviromat is grown on is fairly good at stopping weeds growing up from underneath it, but some of the tougher types may get through. We recommend that a weed resistant membrane is installed between Enviromat and the soil below.

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