Indian Stone Paving in Clitheroe – a Fabulous, Value-for-Money Choice

Raj Green Indian Sandstone

Indian stone paving in Clitheroe is a beautiful choice for a stunning outdoor space.

With its natural beauty, durability and low maintenance requirements, it is hardly a wonder why it is so popular. Indian stone paving is truly unique – no two slabs are the same. It has spectacular veining and tonal variations. The combination of these produces a light looking stone in natural light and a darker colour when wet. Indian stone paving will enhance the look of any paving project. You can use it for your patio, pathways, along your swimming pool and outdoor eating areas. You can find the best choice when you pay us a visit.

With its unique colouring and finishes, it is a beautiful addition to your project.  Thus, in Clitheroe, Indian stone paving is a fabulous choice to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. It is a durable and versatile stone, and provides a rustic, textured look. A natural product, it guarantees an excellent resistance for water absorption and frost.  In addition, it is highly resistant to both frost and water absorption. Thus, this means that it will retain its beautiful looks for years. Another great plus of this paving is that it is easy to maintain and keep clean. All that is necessary is to sweep away any debris or hose it down with a hosepipe. Moreover,  our Indian sandstone paving is available in a number of different finishes. These include natural, tumbled, honed and san.

Our Indian stone paving in Clitheroe is available in a number of different sizes to suit your needs. A fabulous way to enhance the aesthetics of your property, they are also excellent value for money. We’re an independent retailer. As such, we are proud of our excellent customer care service. In addition, we’re also one of the UK’s fastest growing independent landscape supplies merchants. Contact Easy Lawn right away and find out more about our eye-catching Indian stone paving. There are many reasons to choose this paving for your outdoor space. Pay us a visit and see the many different hues and colours that our Indian stone paving has to offer.